Fixes that are needed.

5v5 Need to be taken out and 4v4 needs to be added.
Hardcore needs to come back. -H2C
Gametypes and maps need to be cycled more. -H2C (You play almost the same map/gametype everytime.)
Where are the dedicated servers that hyped up the game??? Add those. (I get laggy games 80% of the time)
Make playlists for each game, I’ve wanted to play halo 4, and I can only search big team along with h1.
H2A isn’t the only game on here, add some more ranked for every game.
Take numbers out of rank 44-50 (Not needed but would like to see)
When you get killed sometimes you can’t respawn it just sits there at 4 sec -H2C
If anyone has some other stuff to add let me know.