Fix your -Yoinking!- game

so i was just thinking about playing some halo reach at 2:AM

seems like nothing would go that bad, right?.

i go into the matchmaking screen, I waited 8 minutes to join a game, but wait! i cant join because i get kicked out, so i go in again

i actually get in the game this time, I’m playing having some fun when suddenly, get kicked out of the match into a infinite loading screen, i have to completely exit the game, wait for the long -Yoink- intro that sometimes cant skip, wait for all of the slow -Yoink- menus, then I try to get back into matchmaking,

you have been banned!

i got -Yoinking!- kicked out! and you guys are too -Yoinking!- lazy to -Yoinking!- fix it, how long do i have to wait to play campaing with somebody, i dont want to grab my Xbox out of the fridge and hook it up just to play campaing with friends when i could of literally just loaded it on pc,

anyways, i go back into the game, wait for the ban to expire, then i go back into the matchmaking, this time i get in the game and want to turn my music off for a second, so when i go to desktop, the -Yoinking!- game icon on my task bar disappears and i cant get back in, fix this -Yoink- or i wont be able to play anymore unless you guys fix it

:edit: after i made this post, i try to get back into the matchmaking lobby because I’m bored and literally have nothing else to do, then it says "you have been banned, wait 5 more minutes even though none of this banning is my fault

As this appears to be an issue with your game, we recommend heading over to for further assistance. Please review the latest known issues and submit a ticket if your issue is not listed.