Fix your -Yoink- matchmaking in ranked

I’m done. This game has the worst ranked matchmaking in any online game I’ve ever played. It literally punishes low tier ranked players by putting them against the top tier onyx and champion players constantly, giving them easy wins and frustrating the low tier players, stopping them from ever getting to a higher rank.

For example, if you look at my game history, I’ve been constantly placed against onyx/champion players whenever I get on a winning streak, taking away any chance I have of getting out of platinum 1.

I’ve seen countless posts from this forum and on the halo wars reddit about this matchmaking and how its ruining the experience for low and high rank players, and nothing is done about it. Instead the devs focus on balance patches which don’t fix a big part of the complaints the online community has with this game.

So until the matchmaking is addressed and a proper matchmaking system is put in place (and no, the population being low isn’t a valid excuse for having the current system, since it just wastes everyone’s time), I can’t enjoy playing this game online anymore. What’s the point of resetting everyone’s rank at the beginning of each new season as well when you’re placed with people from all over the spectrum in terms of time played and their rank.

Plus, how does a game like Rocket League from a small indie studio have better ranked matchmaking than a big budget halo game? Plus the crossplay that was introduced in 1v1 and 3v3 should’ve gotten rid of the whole low population argument, too.

Matchmaking is pretty horrendous I will give you that, but if you are in plat 1 you will only lose 1-2% for a loss to an onyx/champ. Compared to up to 60% for a win iirc.

I wish they would give us the option to not expand search radius.

I am fine waiting 5-10 minutes for a game where everyone is at my level, rather then getting a game in 30 sec with people who are playing it for the 4th time and have no clue about the fundamentals.

I wish I had your luck bud. I can’t farm anyone on the ranked ladder.

I hear ya it’s far from a good system. Maybe true skill 1-50 should be implemented? My worst fear is running into a team of 3 players who are all good with randoms who don’t realize it. Parties of 3 should play vs parties of 3. Period

I agree that the matchmaking needs work, however I also think that the balance needs some work. Discounting one for the other doesn’t really make sense to me.

I remember going up against a champ 4 in 2v2s for my 2nd game after my placements - I was Plat 1. It was frustrating, but like Flame Pieman said I only lost 2% and I got to look at the build order of that player after the fact and thus learnt how play another Leader. I would much rather lose 2% from a stomp than lose 70% when the game CTD’s and there’s literally nothing you can do about it.

I think losses from CTD’s are a bigger issue personally. In saying that matchmaking definitely needs work and I think your concerns are valid.

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watch out guys <mark>REDACTED</mark> figured out how to do a Goliath rush.

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