Fix your game, this is unacceptable

3 crashes in the last 6 or so games is absolutely unacceptable. It’s impossible to play on PC.

It’s row right embarrassing at this point.

Fix your stupid game, I regret so much spending money on this big heap of garbage that is halo infinite.


They mentioned stability fixes in their teaser for the mid-month patch, are your settings too high perhaps?


The stability enhancements (which I doubt are significant) are Xbox One only, nothing about PC. They don’t have any idea how to fix their own game.

File a ticket on the support site with the crash log so they can look into it.

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I Lost More ranked points for Crash! it’s a shame

I guess 343 likes not having money if they’re not going to release actual content for mid seasonal updates. Maybe Microsoft is betting that they have enough wealth to where they feel like they don’t have to listen to any of the feedback from Halo fans. And since 343 seems to struggle in not being able to have enough people to actually work on making their game good, it seems like broad feedback is just something that’s going to go over their heads.

So, here’s some super specific feedback that they should take into consideration. To 343:

  1. Put in new maps (preferably 5 or more. maybe 3 4v4 maps and 2 12v12 maps as an example) for season 2’s release. If you’re struggling with the creativity aspect, you can always just remake old maps from Bungie-era video games. People absolutely loved the remake of Zanzibar and Last Resort in Halo 2: Anniversary.
  2. Make things in the store cheaper, nothing should cost more than 1,000 CRs. And that price point should be reserved for complete armor bundles, complete as in a helmet, shoulder and knee pieces, chestplate, you get the idea (God I hope so)
  3. Make a freaking road map. People want to know what your plans are for Halo Infinite and how you’ll implement them. I can tell that not doing this is going to cause people to turn away from Halo Infinite and give you less money. You guys do want money, right?
  4. Don’t use Ukraine as an excuse for struggling to do your job. Seriously, just don’t. There are tons of people having to deal with this issue and they still have to make a living. For anyone who somehow missed this piece of news, this should provide some context hopefully.
  5. Allow for cross-core customization, namely for visors, armor coatings, armor effects, etc. Also, fix the effect where the digital visor cuts through the Gungnir helmet piece. I know you guys claimed that the whole armor coating system was to avoid this sort of issue, but clearly that wasn’t true.
  6. Give Season 2 a larger battle pass [I’d say around 150 tiers should be a good place], and put more armor pieces in the free track. The premium track should be reserved for fun, quirky stuff, like a rainbow explosion upon death.
  7. Make the challenges less dependent on game modes and weapon types. There’s still a ton of RNG into getting to the right match to complete those challenges, making getting through them too tedious.
  8. While I may be struggling to come up with further feedback, one thing I think should be an absolute must is for someone at 343 to comb through all of the forums on Halo Waypoint and post at least one comprehensive comment in each of these forums. Halo Support just isn’t cutting it, and not everyone uses twitter.