FIX YOUR GAME, CHALLENGES, Game mode selections needed

I cant even do my challenges without quitting games just to get the right game mode, what is the deal with you people and not learning from mistakes that have been made many times, I’d rather play vanguard and that games worse than Tony hawks skate board game back on the 360 kinect like come on, I’m losing my mind because I have to leave games to attempt to get a game mode that I need for my challenges. Like seriously.

The challenge system is not ideal currently, but I think being a serial quitter is probably worse.

If you don’t want to play Halo without hyper-focusing on FTP incentives, yes, another game might be better for you.

Bud I’ve been playing since 2002 lol. Bungie made the game better when they had it and tbh no I love halo it’s just going down the drain like CoD did after advanced warfare

Also maybe they should’ve put in game mode and map selection at launch not have to get yelled and told how wrong they are for not doing it.

Yeah maybe. Not that Bungie, to you prior point, ever gave us granular control over gametypes in matchmaking, aside from Team Slayer.

I agree with you that the challenge system is not working optimally, as I said. I just don’t know why challenge-chasing is suddenly more important than just playing Halo.

Cause that is how you unlock armor in this doodoo game, they locked it all behind a pay wall you gotta spend 10$ for stuff you should unlock from getting rank ups In game, not through a battlepass alone, its actually really sad, and pathetic and I hope they just do away with the battlepas and make a ranking system and allow us to have fun and play games to unlock cool armor and have fun winning games instead of spending 10$ for stuff we already have and can see and all the exclusive crap cause 20$ like this games a cash grab I’m seriously about to compare it to a game like cold war or Mondern warfare where you need to spend money to get cool stuff it’s sad.

Listen, any 343 dev’s or anyone reading what I am saying. Alright upset because I’ve played halo forever and seeing what it is becoming kills me, every game is going with a battlepass, and halo use to be so much different than other games like CoD and Gears Of War and games like that and now that all the games have battlepass, it’s just the same as the rest of these cash grabbing money hungry companies, I really just want back the old halo days where playing with clan mates and friends and grinding the levels to unlock cool armor and all that was a thing again, I really hope you just take away the battlepass and redo the entire armor unlocking system, I know you can, yall are smart enough to know the other people who do the same thing are killing there games and you should seriously listen to your fan base and how much we wanna just be able to have a fun game and enjoy playing with friends, I would rather spend 60 - 100$ for halo infinite as a whole rather than 10$ a month for a battlepass locked behind weekly challenges. That just kills the whole vibe for me, it just means a lot to me and I hate having to get upset over a game that I’ve played since 2002, I love halo it was the first ever game i played and blew my mind when it was released and then you guys took over and yes yall have been trying I know it’s hard to appeal to millions of players but we all just wanna have some kinda reach leveling system like bungie did back in the day. Please reconsider the road your heading down.