Greetings, this is going to be my first Halo 5 forum post!

I’m quite disappointed to say that it’s going to be a negative one, which is a shame, because there are a lot of points in Halo 5 that I have enjoyed a tonne!
That said lets get into it…
Warzone is a pretty nifty idea for Halo’s more relaxed audience, that aren’t looking for a rage inducing, hyper competitive 10 minutes on Arena, but I, and i’m sure a few others have encountered similar issues to me

- The AI bosses are an awesome idea, they’re challenging to take down, they require at least a couple of players to defeat, but what REALLY grinds my gears is in certain situations they can cause massive frustration. (For example: The blue and red team are on Apex 7, the score is too close to call, the game’s win is determined by whomever takes down the Warden eternal, My blue team has been going ham on this guy and he is just about to get finished off, WHEN SUDDENLY… One Red comes out of hiding with his Incineration cannon and gets the final shot, giving his team the points to take an advantage in the most irritating fashion and my team is left dealing with the frustration, especially after we spent the majority of the game in the lead, until they picked up a few cheap boss kills like this example) This really needs to be addresed, personally I think that the boss kill should depend on the team that does the most damage to said boss.

- The Sad truth is that playing Warzone will allow you a much more unfair stream of REQ points for packs, compared to Arena, (For example: I completed a match of Warzone, on the losing team and received around 1,800 REQ points, as opposed to Winning two team slayer matches on arena as the MVP, which gave me 1600 REQ points, both slayer matches came to around the 20 minute mark, which is approx the same time that a Warzone match will last) This frustrates me a lot.

- A minor annoyance I could see enfuriating a lot of players is the very punishing system that the weapon and vehicle requisitions can be. Whether you call in a weapon and get killed before you have a chance to use it, or you call one in as the game is about to end, and that’s it used! GOOD SHOW! Round of Applause!!, eh, I’m not particuarly emotional about this one, as in some situations during the fight I definitely deserved to get killed for making a silly mistake like running right out of a base, but sometimes it can be a real pain in the backside.

That’s a couple of things that have been going wrong for me in Warzone, now I want to urgently address the Custom Games, as I have many fears regarding it.
Now, i’m one of those Veteran Halo players (If the term veteran doesn’t make every player cringe) Who has been playing since the beginning, particularly on the third installment “Halo 3” in which I spent around the 1-2000 hours (Yes, I really, really liked it) playing, most of which was infact with the custom games feature, despite being a lot more limited back in the day, i’m VERY disappointed with the absolute lack of options this time around, especially as the 343 has forge just around the corner (Coming in December) and from all the research i’ve done on it, i’m extremely excited…

BUT, a forge map is only as good as the Game type that is made for it, something you chaps at 343 need to really bare in mind. I can’t describe how sad I felt when i saw the lack of options and game types that were shipped with the game… (No Infection?!) I was hoping to have a massive night with my friends on ‘Halo-ween’, it seems that you have only considered the MLG-pro-hyper-ventilation crowd’s needs? Which ALL the launch game types are catered for, and all the launch maps. This puts a massive void in my halo themed heart that needs to be filled.

That’s the thing that means the most to me personally, Custom games and forge are the thing that ascends Halo above Call of Duty and the other generic ferst purson shewter games, it’s what brings the community to life and fills forums and websites with people sharing all of their creative and amazing content (and filters out all the derps and derpinas that are only here to complain about the game because they lost a few matches and decided that this game is terrible because of this). I have faith in you guys and gals 343, your entire studio consists of Halo fans and you should know better. (That is, if you haven’t already got a bunch of new game types in the works and ready to release in some kind of update that also includes forge, in which case, I salute thee).

Now that’s all off my chest (there’s definitely an innuendo somewhere in there), I’m going to go back to enjoying my tea, please folks, show your support and tell me what you think! I appreciate everything that you have to say, and i would like to see that i’m not the only one with these issues, or perhaps you have more issues! Thanks chaps. - Siegery