fix warzone assault!!!

Guys, Warzone Assault has always been broken, and after every patch that 343 releases, some kid discovers yet ANOTHER exploit!
343, you still care about this game don’t you? these patched need to be more than monthly, it’s a simple fix.
I’m tired of going over to attack the armory and seeing some kid driving on top with a Warthog and glitching inside the walls!
just put a damn kill boundary in the wall. SIMPLE.

Yeah, war zone assault is the most broken mode right now. From spawning issues, to people glitching in bases, it’s ridiculous.

I don’t know, I enjoy the free Grav Hammer kill when anyone gets in there.

I haven’t noticed any glitches lately in warzone assault, but I have noticed on the raid on apex 7 variant, when on offense, it is nearly impossible to capture the spire. Every game I play on that map, it never gets passed the spire because it’s so easy to defend it. There needs to be more areas where the attacking team can jump from onto the spire or make the defending team spawn farther away. Either way that capture point is ridiculous. Whenever the match progresses past that point though, it’s fine. Just that capture point is a problem.