Fix warp points in Reach

I have now sworn off campaign matchmaking due to the tremendous amount of stupid deaths occuring because of this game mechanic. The amount of idiots who rush through the campaign levels, causing teammates to warp into the middle of the carnage they caused is staggering. Just recently, I’ve played the Package twice where some idiot in a ghost/Revenant rushes through the turret hot spot (With FRG/Shades), gets himself killed and causes the teammates inside the Scorpion to spawn in the middle of all the turrets. Seeing as it’s not possible to remove idiots from online games (Though we all wish it was), at least fix it so the warps occur when all the enemies in the area are dead. It happens in re-spawns (teammate in combat/ enemies nearby), so why not with this? That way, the only person who suffers is Suicide McTeamkiller.

Your first problem is playing campaign Matchmaking.

Between the -Yoinks!- that constantly betray you for a power weapon or vehicle, the warp points, and horrible lag I’ve sworn off playing that mode. I’d rather invite friends to play instead.

I say eliminate this mode all together. It’s just as horrible of an idea as I thought it would be.