Fix this -Yoink-!!!

Just tried playing 4 games. 3 multiplayer and 1 vs AI all crashed dude to server drop. This is getting out of hand. This -Yoink- should have been fix in the first few days. Get your -Yoink- together and come up with a patch!

its hapen 7 times with me :cry::-1::-1:

The patch should be coming out early this week probably tomorrow or Tuesday. If you read the patch notes then you would know that they are working on an imminent, significant patch that should address a good number of the current issues. In the statement that they put out the said that they want to put out a significant patch rather than a series of smaller inconsequential patches which means it would take more time than normal fixes would. Whether or not this was the right move will ultimately be judged (at least by me) when the patch drops, hopefully it does address these issues and bring the game up to a suitable state, we’ll see.