FIX THE -Yoinking!- LAG

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Jesus H. Christ fix the -Yoink- -Yoinking!- gay -Yoink- -Yoink!- -Yoink- lag.

Get a better connection? That’s really all that you can do at this point.

A region/good connection preference would be nice to have, but isn’t necessary. Lag isn’t really an issue for me…and my internet is terribly unreliable.

Also, calm down.

wow really mods? ive been banned 2x from posting for DEFENDING this game yet this thread is legit???
how incredibly fair

I do have serious Lag issues in Spartan Ops…but War Games are fine…

Scratch that, it’s been only laggy for me in Spartan Ops.

I have a good connection, its when it picks -Yoink- hosts every time and they game lags out every 5 seconds(no joke).


Come on man really?

That’s a lot of “Yoinking!”. The host issues in the game are pretty bad, especially since half of your abilities are server sided. Can’t sprint if you hit a lag spike, but you can shoot, but if you throw a grenade nothing will happen except your arm animation and your grenade count going down, but no explosion. Lag is a real issue in the game for sure. I wish we could have dedicated servers, maybe have something like Warhawk had for PS3, and let people run an Xbox as a dedicated server. I hate host advantage and host dropouts leading to finding a new host, which takes an absurdly long time in halo 4, sometimes I’ve seen in rechoose a hose 6 or 7 times in a row before finally letting me play, was in “finding new host” for like 10minutes, couldn’t even leave the match because you can’t access your start menu.