Fix the unbalanced Sidekick before people start buying Cronus Zen/Max or modded controllers!

I’m going to make this post as short as I possibly can without leaving out information. The Sidekick is the starting weapon in quickplay and big team battle. Two playlists where controller and M&K users fight with and against each other. The Sidekick fires INSANELY fast: 365 RPM. On a regular controller firing a shot is a 12 mm trigger pull. On a mouse firing a shot is either a 1 mm click, or you can add a full auto fire mode to the scroll wheel. The only way for controller users to achieve full auto is to buy either a Cronus Zen/Max or a modded controller. Two devices that are considered cheating.

So we now have a situation where Person A needs to pull a 12 mm trigger at least 7 times in 1.1 second. Even if that is possible, there is hardly any room to focus on aiming. And Person B can aim and essentially fire the weapon full auto by scrolling a wheel.

Personally I hope no controller users are going to buy modded controllers or Cronus Zen/Max. Because from full auto mode it is a slippery slope to adding extra aim assist, removing recoil and adding rapid fire mode. Also, I don’t think anyone should help those kind of companies by buying their products. And it also creates an unfair situation between controller users who own a Cronus Zen/Max or modded controller and controller users who don’t have such a device. So I can ONLY see downsides to this “solution”.

But I see this is going to be a thing if this weapon doesn’t get balanced fast. How do you want to balance it? There are many, MANY options. Here the two easiest:

  • (Optional) full auto. This way people who love full auto can flick it on, and people who don’t can leave it off. People don’t need to buy modded devices in order to achieve full auto.
  • Lower the rate of fire from 365 RPM to somewhere between 150 and 200 RPM and make this weapon a 4 or 5 shot kill. The time to kill can stay the same and it doesn’t matter if you have a full auto scroll wheel or a regular controller that requires 12 mm trigger pulls. Everybody can compete! “A 5 shot kill, that sounds a lot like the Halo 5 Magnum. That weapon was way too powerful!” Well, the reason the Halo 5 Magnum was powerful, was never its rate of fire. It was that it could compete at range with the BR, DMR and Carbine to name a few. I’m not asking for a range increase.

There are other options, but those are more complex: making the weapon fire a 2- or 3-round burst.

Also, shouldn’t skill be an important factor in Halo? Not who can spam the trigger the fastest or who has a scroll wheel and who has not?

I don’t understand why full auto wasn’t even added to the Sidekick to begin with. There are weapons in the game that fire super slow but somehow fire full auto: the Pulse Carbine and the Disruptor. The Commando has roughly the same fire rate as the Sidekick, but it has full auto. Maybe there are other weapons I’m forgetting.

I personally hope for this weapon to become a short range Halo 5 magnum (5 shot kill) but I’m also fine with optional full auto.

And before people start the “Controller users have aim assist and M&K don’t” debate. I personally don’t mind for controller to have 5% less aim assist, or that 5% is given to M&K. So there you have it. :wink:

I really hope people want to upvote this topic. This weapon has been bothering me since the flights. And it bothers me even more now that I learned that a scroll wheel functions as a Cronus Zen/Max for this weapon.

Come on 343! Please fix this weapon! I’m not the only person who thinks like this: ttps:// (ad the h in the beginning).


Why do you gotta meta analyze it to the point of making yourself upset? Just pickup the sticks, play a few rounds and go to bed.


I don’t know if it’s necessarily unbalanced, but I find the spammy nature of it to be annoying, not just to use, but to be shot by as well.

I find myself thinking, “well, guess they/I pulled the trigger faster.”

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Full auto via scroll wheel?? I thought america banned bumpstocks…

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This game is (hopefully) going to be here for 10 years. I rather have them fix issues a.s.a.p. than waiting for months.

I could indeed just skip big team battle and quickplay, but I rather not. I hope to experience the full game.

I like it. It good enough that you can out class another stronger weapon like the Commando or BR, but only if you hit your shots. Its a strong weapon that forces accuracy. Although I am a M&KB Player

I agree that they should make it so the Sidekick still fires when holding the trigger like all weapons in Halo CE, but 343 has made the gun itself better now compared to how it was in the beta.

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My point is that it is unfair that player A can fire this weapon full auto, and player B cannot. That in combination with the weapon’s high rate of fire making it pretty much undoable to even achieve max rate of fire. So Controller users maybe fire this weapon 260 RPM and M&K at 365 RPM.

So either a lower RPM or full auto for everybody.

Oh I didn’t know all Halo CE weapons fired full auto. I never played the game. :grimacing:

My argument for that would be that you don’t have to pull the controller trigger all the way down to fire the Sidekick at its full rpm. I played with controller for a handle of rounds (was curious about aim assist) and I didn’t have any issues firing the Sidekick just as fast as I do with M&KB

Maybe you don’t, but others do. So therefore either optional full auto. Even if it wasn’t optional full auto, but full auto for everybody. You can still spam the mouseclicks all the way you want. Problem solved and equal starts for everybody.

If i recall correctly the HAlo CE pistol was full auto in button press only it still fired semi-auto but if you held the button down you’d keep firing.

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