Fix The Terrible Spawn System

I should never spawn near enemies. It is that simple. So why do I spawn directly in front of multiple enemies so often? Spawn on grenades about to detonate or spawn already being shot at. Occasionally I spawn right behind someone and get a free assassination and even then it is annoying and I sarcastically yell, “thanks for the free kill, game!” And literally slap my forehead.


Don’t know why you’re complaining.

If you get an overkill on behemoth they start spawning in full view directly behind the last kill so you can carry on the streak.

Makes total sense and very helpful :joy:

But no, seriously, it’s hopeless and another example of something they really should have known how to do properly before launch, let alone 2 months after seeing it live.


Wait 343 made games before this? I thought they were all fresh out of college :man_facepalming:

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