Fix the service status

look , if this issue with the req pack thing is not resolved, I beg some moneybags out there to sue, because quite frankly this is absurd, we have receive no word of any issues being on their end, apparently ALL of us here are having issues on our end , so I’d just like to point out that they STILL have not removed the items with issues from the marketplace , that they STILL are making money of the products without providing service, and they STILL seem to show no care at all about our money, so I’d like to ask, that SOMEONE threaten a lawsuit of some kind, a petition , anything, just something to make them stop wiping themselves with our money , and actually fix there game, and I would not be this extreme about this issue if not for the install failure of the MCC. so please, give us at least some sort of proof that a solution is being worked on, because microsft support said 48 hours maximum it should be solved , 24 are down, 24 to go.