Fix the Recon button layout!

Currently, if you’re using the Recon button layout, you’re not able to control your ground pound since it is configured to the right analog stick. The problem is the melee is configured to B, so you aren’t able to control the ground pound unless you’re playing Claw or if you move your left thumb to your right thumbstick while your right thumb holds the melee.

This can be easily solved by allowing ground pound to be controlled on the left analog stick instead, I believe this is how it was during the beta with this button layout.

And before anyone mentions that I should switch button layouts, just stop. There is no reason that ground pound should be controlled on the right thumbstick, it’s definitely an oversight since nothing is being used on the left thumbstick and since it was in the beta.

I had similar problems and as I won’t tell you to switch as I agree but I did. I switched to fishstick which seems to be working a lot better for me.

When will they let us customize the button layout ourselves instead of choosing from default set ups. I have a problem with my right hand so i need the most important button (fire) to be on the left trigger instead of the right. They only have 1 southpaw setting so im stuck getting use to that and it sucks cause i usually play bumper jumper. Every fps game in history allows for any button layout with swapped triggers/bumpers except this one! its like they are forcing us to get elite controllers so we have access to all buttons and can remap any button.

Honestly, none of the layouts are perfect. We need to be able and map our own layout!

You know, I had this same complaint and I was worried about it initially, but I found what works for me is, when I need to ground pound, I just hold the b button to charge and then move my left thumb over to the right stick to control it that way. I have kind of big hands so its obviously not the ideal scenario for everybody, but I’ve found it surprisingly effective. I would have tried to learn a different control scheme but literally everything else about Recon is perfect for me.

Yeah, i don’t understand why we can’t just make our own layout. It’s kinda hard to get used to it so far, I mean I know in time i’ll get used to it, but right now it’s just pretty bad.

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> Honestly, none of the layouts are perfect. We need to be able and map our own layout!

We really do. Halo 4 controls is nice but i really wanna be able to map controls just like in Borderlands 2