Fix the rank system, tell us EXACTLY how it works, and reset all MMR across the board

We all know diamond is the most over-populated rank (It shouldnt be) and even if youre mid to high diamond you can still get Plat ranks up to high end onyx players. None of this makes sense. Every single comp game i play is unbalanced af due to this. Win or lose this system IS NOT FAIR. You can lose rank on a win and gain on a loss… what is happening in this system??? No one even knows 100% how it works, theres nothing but theories on how it works. The comp grind is the most important part of the game for some people rn, myself included. Battle pass, event, and weekly challenges are all completed. Battle pass was finished months ago. Beat the campaign on legendary… now what?? I would like to gain rank but i cant because its completely scuffed/unfair. Please fix this disaster 343.