Fix the Rank System NOW!

Hidden MMR in social matches that directly affects RANKED?!?!?!?!
I’ve dealt with a lot of crap, but this is too damn much!!!
Fix it, like YESTERDAY!!!
This information is spreading across the interwebs like wildfire. This game might survive while a lot of issues are ‘being worked on’. But not this, this will kill the game fast if it isn’t fixed!!!


Why am I still in platinum if I’m literally outshooting everybody and going positive in the majority of my matches?

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We don’t know what info carried over our what weightings they hold.

A lot of people are confusing the issue of seeding MMR into a new playlist (eg Bots into ranked) which is a larger influence - but of little significance.

Likely because you aren’t beating teams ranked above you.

Going positive KD isn’t going to help.

Try and find the games you lost. Which ones were against better teams. And then work out what you can do from there.

The more I think on it, the more I think a pre-game lobby returning would be helpful with a visible rank or average MMR of teams (once calibrations and adjustments are made to Ranked so that everyone feels confident that the rank, on average, is accurately reflecting skill.)

That way if I know I’m playing a ranked team with less CSR / MMR than me ahead of a match, I can expect to not gain as much if my team wins. And, just as much, I can expect I’ll lose a lot of CSR if I get beaten by them.

Huge part of the problem is all this post-game analysis in trying to figure out what happened and why I gained CSR or lost it. It takes so much time and ends up being a bit confusing. But I think that goes into what you’ve said elsewhere – 343 changing the presentation of CSR may affect how we all feel about it.

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I think pre-game lobbies contributed to a lot of players quitting before the game even started.

But yes.

They need full disclosure on CSR earnt and lost.

Including any token CSR you are just temporarily “borrowing” (by beating a team ranked below you).

I just got done trashing two diamond players. I should’ve immediately jumped up a rank. This grinding stuff is stupid

I completely forgot about that happening in earlier Halo games. That’s a good point: for the team that stands to win very little and lose a lot, why play?

They’d have to have a CSR penalty for dropping out in the pre-game lobby.


But only if their team was ranked higher than your team.

I honestly felt myself obsess over this. I’d get frustrated losing to dumb teams with 1 low account and 1 high ranked account. I’d investigate their match history and even go back to the low ranked players account placement matches and just feel disgusted at seeing their stats from the matches they tanked. Just completely ruining every other players experience repeatedly, and then ruining every players experience afterwards as well. I spent way too much time looking that up and even reporting players doing that…so much that I just set my match history private so I’d stop wasting so much time looking matches up.

I just want to play good match making…it’s all we want. For the game, our matches, and our progress up or down to make more sense than it does right now. I hope the reset helps.

I think a good incentive for players to play during the reset would be for the actual game to have an in game “peak ranking” stat for players to have a goal in mind. If it’s only halo tracker with the stats…well if there’s a reset and someone was onyx 1800 on halo tracker and now is stuck much lower after the reset…why continue? They already reached the highest rating they’ll most likely ever have the the entire 10 years stamped in their history on halo tracker. Time to play a different game. It won’t show anything in game, Nothing really new to work towards for that player.

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