fix the maps for halo 4

1.Dull boring, and unoriginal maps like halo reach’s sad excuse for maps. Forge world was cool at first then everyone of the maps is made with the same dull gray color with no scenery just boxes and geometric forms.This is extremely unoriginal and boring.
2.Then every dlc map is a giant map that you can’t even forge on. Let us forge on every map stop being lazy and start thinking about the player more, no one wants to play on a large map like highlands without vehicles and without being able to forge. What’s the point with all that space if you can’t play with it. I mean come on in halo 3 at least we could forge on every map maybe not like foundry or sandbox but at least we had some essential structures.
3. make the maps colorful original places like halo 3 places like guardian, pit, snowbound, etc. they were all different environments, different color schemes, and all original.
4. Gray isn’t cool and who the hell cares about call of duty forget them stop trying to be like them they are not the future just a dead end and a cancer to gaming. So stop trying to dumb down things and suck the saturation from the environments remain true to what halo is.