Fix the map pack problem - 343 READ!!!!!!!!

Please add a Map pack playlist or mode on Halo Reach, Halo 4, and All future halos that has the top game modes (team slayer, big team battle, rumble pit) and have the maps be from all the map packs. You did it right with Anniversary but all the other map packs don’t ever get used. I and many others payed $10 for each map pack and now we can never played them. I did not buy one halo 4 map pack for this very reason, trust me if you add this in to Halo 4 and reach, you will have more players and buyers. If you do this I will start buy the Halo add ons but until then, im not wasting my money.

Asking for a DLC playlist in Halo Reach is pointless, since the game is barely (if at all) supported by 343 since Halo 4 was released. So chances of it happening are slim to none.

Halo 4 has rotational DLC playlists, one of which started today for 2 weeks, and another 6v6 DLC playlist due in April.

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