Fix the deceitful [ Ping ] display. It's a lie

In any other game, a low ping (defined here as 25ms or less) is indicative of a good connection to the server, and thus a fair bet that apparent hits indicated on one’s screen will count as hits by the server. However, in Halo, at least on my PC with mouse and keyboard and a fiber optic connection, this isn’t the case. In most games where I have a ping consistently in the single digits, things are great. Unfortunately, once my ping rises into the high teens and above, I start to notice many shots not counting. Again, in any other game, this problem wouldn’t arise until mid-double-digit pings. Could this be because 343i is only reporting [ PING ] as my connection to the server, but my hits factor in both of our connections (and associated latencies)? If so, this is very misleading and rather useless information. What should matter as far as latency is my connection to the server, since the server is the “arbiter of truth,” so to speak. Wherever the server considers my opponent to be at the time my shot registers on the server should be the only determining factor, not a round-trip time between both of us. You’ve gotta take away my advantage of having low latency to give to my opponent with awful latency? What are you, Communist?

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