Fix the challenges

There’s literally no point in playing this game (inb4 for fun people) if every time I play a match, my challenges revert to the LAST match. I’m so sick of this, the game has been out for two months. This is basic functionality. Jesus Christ.

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Glad I am level BP 100 for weeks and learned not to care about the same emblem for another ducking week. I might even still play some roudns a week if BTB would work.

I am honestly not interested in the Weekly Ultimates.
The only one I had any interest in was the Visor last week for the Yoroi armor. And even then I couldn’t get it because the challenge system is broken AND I work 12 hour shifts so I have hardly any time to enjoy this game.

I don’t care about the ultimates either. They’re bad rewards, but that’s another issue. I just want to be able to progress rather than having to play FFA ten times to do what takes four or five tops because nothing counts.

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