Fix the Bandanna Skull in H2A

You people couldn’t even code infinite ammo correctly. Bandanna for H2A doesn’t work on half the covenant weapons. It worked on EVERY weapon in Halo CEA. The plasma rifles, plasma pistols, swords, etc are NOT effected by it in H2A. I want my infinite red plasma rifles.

That’s because they run on charges not ammunition.

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> That’s because they run on charges not ammunition.

Pay attention. The skull should work exactly the same as the one on Combat Evolved Anniversary. Infinite ammo applies to EVERYTHING. Bullets, grenades, needles, sword energy, plasma battery. All of it. They screwed up on the skull for H2A. Stop defending them.

343 needs to see this and get it on the list for patching.

It is a bummer but I’ll get over it. I didn’t spend anymore cash for it so it’s not a big deal.

Bandana skull doesn’t even show up for me on the skull menu in halo ce anniversary

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