Fix the ban hammer

Zup! Ive been playing H5G since was on sale here in Mexico, i loved the campaing you guys do an amazing job there, but when i play matchmaking “arena” i just get disapointed and mad cuz sometimes when i finish a match no matters if i win or lose at spartan win scene when the spartans are walking then stop the game just quit me to “Arena” Mode Games no to match stats screen, if you look this at that way its just like a game bug or error but its not just happen 1nce at day ( at least happens 2 times a day), after 3 or 4 more games it appears again, the same thing that the firstntime but now it appears a red triangle dat means im baned from arena, and appears the mssge of the ban hammer but always are bans too exceeded than the normal like 8h to 3d ive been banned just if that -Fuckingg!- error and if it happens dat error 3 times i just get banned :unamused::unamused: i dont want to be rude but u guys really --Yoinked!-!- halo matchmaking with the new ban service, you guys need to know that a lot of player have conecction problems and some times just kick them off from the games, im not one of them cuz i got an 50MB Wifi, so pls fix it now at this time im posting this my acc: RyalAlexInFever have a ban of 24 h so if its possible to reduce or errase the 24h of ban i would apreciate that a lot

Sorry, but not a single one of your DNFs I went through where you disconnected were most likely not even close to an ending screen based on your scores and deaths compared to everyone elses’.

Also, cable outperforms WiFi all way, and your bandwidth is of little concern when it comes to disconnects as there are other factors, pluss, disconnects should always count towards bans.

But it doesnt disconect it doesnt appear that your consolenhas been disconected just in spatan scene before it finish, the game kick me out without appearing the match stats or something it just appears the red triangle next of arena game modes im not quiting and my xbox is not disconecting, of this king of errors i connect my consol to ethernet and no wireless

I finish the games look all the topics saying that they finished the games at appear like dnf and its a post saying kicks a player out at warzone at finish scene maybe he have the same error

i recently got banned three times 1st being 8h 2nd being 24h and out of nowhere 3 days. so idk if it should be that big of a jump

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> i recently got banned three times 1st being 8h 2nd being 24h and out of nowhere 3 days. so idk if it should be that big of a jump

Please don’t revive old topics thanks. If you need help with matchmaking bans, you can post in the ban support thread here: Official Halo 5 “Why was I banned?” thread