Fix the armor colors OR the UI glow

The only reason that the “glow” effects are enabled is so that you can monetize the armor color changes. While I think that it’s a mistake to allow customizable armor colors in team games (do whatever in FFA games), at least fix the UI glow effects. I can’t count the number of times I’ve ran around a corner and the enemy UI hasn’t been glowing, or was so faint that it was negligible and I’ve completely missed getting the first shot or melee in because I thought it was a teammate for a split second. If you’re going to screw up the gameplay simply to monetize armor colors–at least make your “fix” work correctly please. Even with the UI glow set to Pineapple, there’s still times that you literally cannot see a glow at all on the player until the shooting starts.

Hate the glow, hate the scoped glow. Make the opponents pay attention. just cause im zoomed in with a mid range weapon does not mean i should announce my position to the entire world. Glow radius should be reduced, or only on teamates or just use floating tags above the Spartans. So DUMB

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