fix spawning for halo 4

For too damn long I have wasted my time on rediculous matches of living dead that are supposed to be fair. Some days I’m a human for 9 times in a row, some for zombies 9 times in a row and then all over the place, the system is just a tad to random. The spawning in particular and this is what I’m going to get to; spawning is rediculous in Reach, it’s way to random and I’ve never seen in a Halo game someone spawn 3 meters behind or infront of you, now that’s just bullcrap for a game like living dead where your standing still and a zombie spawns right infront of you and kills you or better yet right behind you and assasinates you… I really don’t think it’s supposed to work like that. I am fed up with this rigged spawning, I miss how the original Halos used to be, and yes the spawning isn’t that bad in Reach but atleast make it so they spawn 25 meters away from people, not 3 meters.

If nobody believes me about the rigged spawning simple download the ‘Rigged spawning’ file of my fileshare for Halo Reach and see.

Here is my resolution, make an option in the spawning zones that enables you to change the amount of distance from how far your enemys are restricted to be in distance. It’s just plain stupid Reach spawning, you might as well just drop a zombie ontop of a players head if it’s going to be that rigged.