Fix Scorpion hijacking (doesn't work)

Where can you hijack a scorpion from?
…it doesn’t work…
Its not the front or sides, I’ve died multiple times tring to hijack a scorpion, not from the scorpion.

From me floundering about holding (X) and having nothing happen.
I’ve tried from front and sides right in the middle.
Jumping, and nothing works.
The message also doesn’t appear.

Omg that was happening to me last night! I tried multiple times on multiple different scorpions and was like wtf is going on.

I’ve been blowing up scorpions just fine hopping on them…

sometimes i hop into the gunner seat thinking why is this an option to an enemy scorpion

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> sometimes i hop into the gunner seat thinking why is this an option to an enemy scorpion

I hateeeee when that happens, BUT I am happy it’s an option because I love the hilarious situations that can lead to. Maybe they can tweak it to give hijacking a higher priority (more areas for the hijack button to appear, rather than the jump in turret option) through programming.

Where are the scorpions hijack points?
The driver is rarely aware / can’t do anything about it.
But I can’t even get the option to appear before someone else kills me.

Here’s the scenario …
A Scorpion needs destroying, I run because I have the opportunity.
I get within meele distance scorpion doesnt react, but it won’t hijack…(front)
I start jumping and moving scorpion starts to back up. Still can’t hijack than a different enemy kills me.

I move in to destroy, what has happened is the dork that is about to be killed, jumps out to avoid the kill, and then I can jump into the scorpion. I have not had the opportunity to hijack one otherwise.

For me, it always works from the scorpion’s rear end. Try that next time if you haven’t already.

you have to be a MLG pro to board tanks

It seems to be hit or miss for me. Sometimes it works fine other times is like you described. I just bounce around until someone kills me.

the back is really easy to destroy/hijack

80% of the time you have to hijack from the rear. Otherwise you risk getting splattered,shot by the passenger or just flat out jumping in the gunner seat. Each of which will result in untimely death.

Hijacking doesn’t always kill the driver I believe. I’ve hijacked the scorpion maybe twice but I died very shortly after from I assume the driver who blows up his tank. It would be nice to blow up a hijacker by shooting a nearby wall or rock like you could in Reach or H4. It damages the vehicle but you are still alive and you get a busted medal.

I -Yoinking!- always get in the damn turrent, when trying!!
I get it but it’s frustrating alright !

Sometimes when I try to hijak a scorpion from the rear or sides, it doesn’t give me the option to do so. I than get killed by some muck who spots me. FIX THIS. Oml.

Old, old.

Hijacking is hit or miss for me as well. Be close to a scorpion and there will be no press x to board and before i can get away im killed, happens to me one wraiths and ghosts as well, be right by them and hitting x and nothing happens. Lately with scorpions i will be able to board them but me throwing the grenade seems to take a decade and a half and they shoot near a wall and kill me

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