Fix Ranked - change search parameters

The current ranked system searches by team CSR.
600CSR is not small enough a cap
As the cap is reduced, games will be harder to find and ranked will become more difficult to populate.

We all know averages can be skewed with high and low extremes, which is why the new CSR limit of 600-900 was introduced to Arena.

However. the issue is not so much that the matches were unfair (because they still finished close!) - it was that the rank was not properly distributed.

As such, I feel the CSR cap is the wrong way to be dealing with a problem in inproper CSR distribution.


1./ Match fireteams by their player distribution.

If the top and bottom fireteam players differ in more than 300 CSR (one whole rank of 6x tiers) then award CSR based solely on win/loss.

player 1 - 600CSR (matched with +/- 100CSR)
Player 2 - 1100CSR (matched with +/- 100 CSR)
Player 3 - 1500CST (matched with +/- 100 CSR)
Player 4 - 2100CSR (matched with +/- 100 CSR)
average team CSR = 1325CSR

Worst match team CSR (+ 100CSR on each person) = 1425CSR

The key point here is that both teams have players of similar levels. In addition, matches are set based on an average with controlled variance in skill differences.


  • High volume of data required to be stored on servers(?)

2./ As above, but split the fireteam into TWO and work off two averages in order to reduce variance

The problem with this game is that the changes are making it more “exclusive” and this will have a negative effect as time goes on. There is a better way to find ranked matches than limiting who you can play with.


Sounds like a good system. It would work if there were enough player.
To make it work, you had also to make sure that the player have equal ping.
Because the match would be unfair if the player 1100 CSR on Team A connects with 130 ms ping, while player 1100 CSR on Team B connects with 20 ms ping

The current system matchmaker by ping first.

Tbh - I think they have enough players already - those who have been effected by the current restrictions are either leaving halo or are not in the ranked playlist anymore.

Right, it goes first by ping. Usually i get connected to server with 30 ms ping. But 2 out of 10 matches i get connected with a ping between 100 - 130 ms. If that happens, you cant compete on the same level.

Ping is your locality to the server dude. When they select the server is is due to the closeness of the players - the system picks something roughly the same distance from everyone where possible.

Ive only ever had high ping matches gone midnight when no one is left online in my part of the world.

Only way to improve ping is by increasing the player base or having more servers or having players wait longer for local games which, in its current state, could result in whole areas being unable to play at all