Fix Players Leaving Before Match

I believe once a player joins a match and before it begins they should not be able to leave. I had a match of Grifball where it was only me vs the whole enemy team when the match began. This was totally unfair by a huge -Yoinking!- margin so, fix it or get rid of it.

I think matchmaking has been having a lot of issues lately (Grifball in particular). I joined a Grifball game earlier today and was immediately treated to the outro cutscene. I got a loss because of it and wasted an RP boost…

I also had a game like that I joined right at the outro cutscene and got a win.

Looks like you got lucky lol. I’m not sure what the issue really is, i’ll admit it has been a bit better lately. The first day the update dropped I got my first ban due to all the disconnections.

Maybe, but I’ve also had some games where I join and just get a black screen. Which most likely means that the game is over and when I go to leave the match and that menu comes up. All the writing is in another langue which I can’t understand.

Many people seem to leave because they don’t likethe map. They could fix that by adding a veto system.

My friend and i were in the pre game lobby and he got kicked out right before it started and i couldnt back out to get back with him, so when the game started I left the game. That was the first time I had ever left a game before it was finished by the way, but when i was about to back out it told me if i do this to often that i would be banned from the game for a while. I backed out assuming i would still be able to play and when i joined back with my friend it said i was banned of playing. Yall either need to make it where you can back out while it setting up the game, or some how make it to where backing out to join a teammate doesnt effect the banning because its irritating that we now cant play halo because we are just trying to play the game together.