Fix party matching

Please your mm has sucked since you started making halo. Solo searchers and double searchers matching parties of 4 is ridiculous. Same for warzone me matching parties of 6 or higher ruining the experience. Why do people who run parties get to enjoy this game while us lone wolf players do not. We used to be able to play plenty of h3 ranked 4v4 playlist by ourselves before this bs. Gosh you’ve been ruining the halo experience forever 343. Like look so not come in here and say find some buddies and search. That’s not the point here. The point is it’s impossible to search solo and have a good time. You might get a game or two when everyone’s like you a solo searcher but this match making doesn’t benefit us at all. :frowning:

Bungie ruined it first and yet you never decided to fix it or got a clue. This was a big complaint in reach,h4,mcc, and h5. And 3 of those are your games. Just because you make fast match making don’t mean nothing.

Even worst when you’re unranked playing against champions.