Fix One Please or Better Yet Fix Both

First off before I say anything. 75% of the time I love the game. 5% I dont like it because (and I admit) I face a guy way better than me and it makes me rage. 20% of the Time I dont like it because the spawning and radar in Arena are Yoink.

Fix One or the Other.

People Spawn Behind me a ton. Whether its in Slayer Regret or Strongholds Empire. I can be in my base and be spawned behind. And because the Radars are so small I dont see it till im dead. If you dont want to fix Radars just fix the spawning. This way, rather than people getting amazing yoinking spawns and killing me because I dont see them on radar or you can fix the radar. Put it to a good 25m., 18 is way to small when with boost I (and enemies) can cover 15 meters with a quick sprint and boost. The Radar at this point is just so I can watch when someone is right behind me assassinating me.

Other than that, I love this game. Keep up the great work and keep the Playlist Coming.

BUT PLEASE just fix one or the other. Or better yet fix both.