Fix My True skill NOW

I don’t care what you guys are doing with the updates but you ruined my game. Every 4-5 games it says game out of sync, even worse says it even when I am winning as well. I will have you know it recently said that i resigned from a game also. This one.

I also will have you know, I didn’t resign, I didn’t press A and these guys didn’t kill a single unit. I destroyed 1 base, 1 prophet of regret and had 540 points. My pals on my team had points as well, I told them to press A (aka resign) and I will wait for the game to end. I did, and it said VICTORY. Well My trueskill of 35 went to 29 in 3v3 party team.



probably shouldn’t have played games when the game is having issues… Your fault for going into matchmaking :confused:

You should do what I do, play custom games/scrims with friends you know until the out of sync is fixed.


Please post any questions or problems in this thread

Also please see the message from bs angel below, keeping all issues in one thread helps to make sure nothing gets missed.


> As a brief aside, thanks for being flexible and keeping the discussion in this thread. It’s easier for me to keep track of everybody’s reports if there’s a single, central location. I’m worried I would miss something if there were multiple threads covering the same subject matter.
> I’ve alerted the team that handles Halo Wars and if I hear anything, all of you here will be the first to know. I’m not sure what sort of a time frame we’re looking at since it’s late in the day on Friday. Could be we’re just experiencing normal roll out issues, too. Regardless, we’ll pop back in as we know more, and I’ll continue to pass new feedback along.