Fix match making UI for Halo 6

I remember the pre game matchmaking lobbies in halo 3 and reach and how easy they were to access. One flick of your analog stick in Reach and you could see another player’s amour and rank, which I always loved doing. And in Halo 3, when you could look at their service record and highest skill level, as well as they file share. A fond memory of mine was looking through people’s file share at cool and funny pictures from the WORKING theatre mode. The Pre-game voice chat discussions also bring back fond memories of meeting my first friends on xbox during my time playing Halo 3.

These additions made the game feel so alive. On the other hand you have Halo 5, where all this juicy information is hidden behind a little square emblem in the bottom right of your screen, you don’t even have a chance to view anything, which I feel is a VERY poor design decision. as it makes the game feel dead and bland.

Hopefully in Halo 6, 343 can look at Hal 3 and reach’s pre game UI and mix the best elements of those together.

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