Fix infection disconnections

Ever since infection has come out every couple of games you get disconnected from them for no reason causing loss of boost and sometimes being banned.
So far I’ve had around 30hours of being banned and I left 2 or 3 matches only all the others I was kicked from. I have also lost multiple boosts which is also frustrating.
This only happens on infection so it has to be something to do with that game mode so please fix this…

I had one once where I was disconnecting from the game server, but because it took like a minute to leave the server, I closed the game down and relaunched it. I got back on only to realise that I was banned for 8 minutes. I don’t have a problem with the banhammer, I rarely leave any games, but this needs to be fixed, bans aside.

my experience over 10 DC in infection not one game shows up in my game history and i have no DNF. i would double check your service record immediately after your next DC to cross reference this. i even have video with the date on it showing i was DC yet no DNF in my game history