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Fix Age of Empires

If anyone would like some help playing Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings, here’s a handy build for you.

In 1v1s, it is essential to harass your opponent’s growing economy. You are going to Flush (Feudal Rush) them with Skirmishers. Let’s see if I remember. Here’s how you do it.

Build two houses with your first three villagers.

1-6 Sheep
7-9 Wood
10 Board
11-13 Berries
14 Boar
15-19 Wood
20 Farm
21 Boar
(It’s time to relocate your Hunters to other jobs: Make sure three stay on the remaining sheep, two make Farms, and two begin walking towards the enemies base.)
22 Wood
23 Farm

Your two forward Villagers will build your Barracks close to your opponent’s wood.

Advance to Feudal Age.

A handy tip! When you’re fighting your opponent’s Feudal Army, make sure you have the high ground. Strafe your Skirmisher to avoid some fire, and make an initial Spearman to take the first volley.

Happy gaming!

Higher tech level required - Build more pylons.

We need more silos.

Build more silos.

Power level depleted. Tesla coils offline.



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