Fix Halo Wars 2 on series x and s

Posting this again as all the old forum topics haven’t been transferred over. Please for the love of god, fix this game on the new consoles. It constantly crashes for no reason making it unplayable. I’ve tested on Xbox one and Windows 10 PC and it runs perfectly on those. Clearly the issue lies with series x and s consoles. I recently received a message from 343 regarding a ticket I filed in July about the issue basically saying no fix is in the works but they will continue to monitor the situation. So please everyone needs to get this fixed by filing support tickets and get 343 to fix the game on new consoles.


With my XBOX series X, the artistic visuals are beautifully reproduced.

But surely, when the XBOX isn’t working well
Sometimes the game freezes and drops.

If you put the game on the external HDD,
Sometimes it can be unstable.

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I’ve been aware. I found for me on the Series X when the game breaks like the Infinite Loading Screen I just close the game and hard reset. The game usually works there. That’s the only work around I know of. But other than that yes, 343 should fix Halo Wars 2. It’s hard to believe they can’t really support in small teams. Even just a 4 man Team trying to help would be enough for maintenance. but they want all hands-on Halo: Infinite and MCC. Only way I see Halo Wars truly Surviving is if they make the game Free-To-Play and not just on gamepass.

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it crashes on x1x too.

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Was thinking of buying it until I played demo and kept crashing on series s.
Shame as it’s 75% off at the moment, hope it get’s fixed, but guess I’ll just have to skip it

You can play HALOWARS2 with series
Feel the power of fps boost

75% off now - might not be later.
Why not grab it? At least then you can experience the story for yourself, even with a few crashes here and there.

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This is such BS man, they are killing the community, please 343 flix this issue

Maybe its just me, but mine works fine on the One X. I have never experienced any crash whatsoever. At least for now.