Fix Halo 5 Please

I know Halo 5 isn’t broken and is still pretty amazing with all the content updates - but please 343, just once before releasing content again, release a patch fixing some of the known bugs and glitches within the game. I’ll list some of the known problems that are still common and need to be addressed.

Custom Games:
This is an important aspect for players and forgers alike. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I try to save a game type after editing something like player speed - it won’t save. Not to mention, certain game types bookmarked will be unable to be set. Meaning I have to either make the game type myself or if the game type is up, I have to save it.

Warzone and REQs:
Sometimes in Warzone, I can request for a weapon then for no apparent reason - the game will freeze momentarily. Sometimes I’ve lost reqs due to being killed while my screen is frozen. Another thing is the whole “retrieving data” bug. After finishing a game, I won’t be able to see any stats from the match - which also causes me to not be able to access the REQ store. Sometimes when I start the game, it will also retrieve data for 3 minutes. Meaning I can’t access REQs, meaning no accessing stations in Warzone or the REQ menu (store, collection, open packs).

I know the Xbox One has a built-in record feature - but Halo was one of the first games with a recording system for clips. It works loosely when you playback footage, but it will now play clips from other player’s games - as well as the freezing and crashing problems you have in theater.

Sometimes I try to mute player, but will not be able to. I have to constantly mute them over and over until they are finally muted.

There’s a bug on the mission Enemy Lines. Covenant that use turrets cannot be killed. You have to either hijack the turret or assassinate them.

General Issues:
The game has been becoming more and more unstable since the forge update. There are slight hang-ups, hitches, UI bugginess, Spartan freezing up, FPS dips. There are too many bugs in this game.

My Opinion On Halo 5’s Current State:

I enjoy the monthly updates, yes. I enjoy Halo 5 and I agree that it’s an amazing game - but the updates, I feel, are being rushed. It feels like there are no in-depth testing for each update before they are released. There are one too many major bugs in the game, and it definitely needs to be fixed ASAP! The lack of polish that Halo 5 is receiving is abysmal. I feel like, by the time Summer arrives, that Halo 5 will be a HUGE game (it’s getting very close to 100 gbs) and with it having all these bugs, it makes the game look like a huge clump of space being wasted on your hard-drive. I’m not saying this to negatively criticize the game because I absolutely love Halo 5, it’s just the fact that I love it enough to want the bugs to be fixed so that I can play without issues that make the game unplayable to a certain extent. And for a AAA title, it’s almost as embarrassing as the flop that Ubisoft had with Assassin’s Creed last year. Basically: the game is becoming as broken as MCC.

They’re too business making reqs to help us