Fix Halo: 5 Forge on PC.

*Game randomly crashes, even though performance is fine.
*Lots of people are experiencing frame rate drops.
*Input lag.
*In the search menu, mouse clicking isn’t working properly. For example: Clicks on ‘‘Search’’ and it opens the search. but you can not type anything. Solution: use keyboard To navigate to the search. Same issue occures when saving And naming a map. And maybe more.
*Can not play on fan made forge maps, because someones privacy settings is set to something that prevents them to.
*Release the FPS. Caps are boring.
*Add a FOV Slider up to 110+.
*Add a Custom Game Browser.
*Fix the awkward turret camera controls. (Including vehicle turrets)
*Bring back 1 Flag, and 1 Bomb, game modes. Doing this will allow Invasion game mode to work, because of the awesome forge! Or you know… Simply just add Invasion as well.

  • And… Also…DO SOMETHING! IT’S BEEN 3 MONTHS! AND NOTHING! I’m getting a little bit impatient.
    *Do not -Yoink- up the future Halo games on PC. Remake them for PC. Not some half–Yoinked!- like this.
    *Allow all OS users to play Halo. Not only Windows 10. That is a -Yoink- move. The -Yoink- about that you need windows 10 anniversary update to download the game. Yeah. Sure. I installed it. After that my PC performed like -Yoink-, and many others too. And i believe that is why people are experiencing frame rate drops in Halo 5. Because their PC is messed up because of The Windows 10 Anniversary Update. (Not everyone, of course because everyone has different specs) But the reason i think this, is because i recently reset my PC completely. And it uninstalled Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Or at least i don’t see the files of it, that i did before i reset). And now all the issues i had on my PC when i had Anniversary Update are gone. And i do not drop any frames in Halo 5 anymore either. I was also able to download Halo 5 forge without the anniversary update this time around. Which i was not able to last time. So I don’t know if i still have it, or if it got changed, so that you don’t need it anymore. But i do recall some people at launch day who were able to install it without windows 10 anniversary update. Either way. Just fix the game. Though when i did install Halo: 5 forge, i was getting graphical errors. Like the screen would turn back and stutter. That is until i installed the Halo App. After that it seems to work fine. Which i find kinda weird.

Also. The game has crashed 3 times today in the span of 2 hours. Or honestly it’s not even crashing. It’s just shutting down without any error messages, or ‘‘Has stopped working’’ window. Just shuts down as if i alt-f4. Though obviously i didn’t alt-f4.