fix halo 4 multiplayer

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i play halo4 now for 3 weeks from germany if i play against usa australia irland great britan its laggy like hell,and so many noobs with rapidfire controllers aimbots, and so many BUGS thats bad, i bought this game for playing online multiplayer !!! in halo 3 i have about 12000 exp kd 1,86 why can´t u make another game like halo 3?! after this week i will start hunting 343 employees to get my mony back… SO FIX IT RIGHT NOW
ps 50000 download 10000 uoload ping 45!!!

look out 343i, hes a cop killer. he’ll kill you too

It’s your terrible connection. Time to upgrade from dial-up.

You do know threats are bad right?


I agree with the lag, the cheating idk…but halo 3 was bungies game you will never see anything like it again. Hold out for Bungies Destiny

Dear God not the “I want my money back” threads again. Can we please just have a AAA title launch without these things.

Umm, the game’s only been out for 2 weeks. You want to explain something to us?

Hilarious! My first thoughts on this were “this must be a German kid”. And well… there it is. (Ok, the world-famous British rage-kids aren’t that bad either…)

Please go to the shop and try to return the game while you’re filmin’ yourself and upload it on YouTube!

Obvious troll is obvious.
5000 download, millions of spelling errors etc etc etc.

You have to be pretty stupid to believe this guy is serious.

I now tons of German guys. And this one might actually be real…