I am a little ticked off. I was playing Grifball with two of my friends. Reminder, this game mode you are supposed to accidentally kill your teammates its what makes it fun. I Spartan charged at somebody and somebody steps in front of me on my team I accidentally killed them and they kicked me. This happened twice now. Not only does this ban you for a little while, but it deleted my legendary xp bonus/ rp jackpots I used. This is -Yoink-, I know it is to prevent those -Yoink- who team kill their whole team, but REALLY wtf I lost -Yoink- that I had for no reason and got banned for about 20-30 minutes. Until this is fixed I guess I cant play any more Online Grifball.

The boot threshold was lowered to 3 in the last update, it is far too low and as a result there is an increase in both booting and bans. As far as I am aware, 343 has not even acknowledged that there was a change, let alone addressed the issue.
If you want to help: continue playing grifball and use the boot option at every opportunity. Apparently we need to make the game unplayable for everybody before 343 will respond.
You can still play, (you’re just going to lose more) I would recommend playing grifball exclusively with the sword because you have a far lower chance of killing anybody, especially teammates (but this is a different issue) and using the Spartan charge sparingly.

This is pretty annoying! Hopefully they find a way to fix it quick.