Fix Grifball Please

Please 343 fix the betrayal system in Grifball. Whenever I get the bomb my teammates automatically try to betray me for the bomb. Then when they succeed in killing me they go and try to be a hero. They think they can run through their whole team without getting killed, and obviously they die and lose the bomb, which is then followed by the other team scoring. When they don’t succeed in betraying me I usually get killed by the other team because I’m trying to stay away from my teammates.

I know that if they remove teamkilling they can use it to boost the bomb carrier over all of the people. But at least it is something helpful teams can use, instead of killing each other to try and be the “hero” who won the game.

Please fix Grifball

Before they fix anything they need to fix the wall scaling. Like maybe a roof…

never going to happen