Fix game freezing please!!

the amount of times this game freezes is absolutely absurd. I have to dashboard almost every single game because the end of game score screen freezes and you can’t exit out: or searching for a game it freezes. Come on 343 this is so sad. My original nes worked better than this garbage.

I was actually just going to post in the UGC thread about the frozen games still happening … The games keep freezing in customs when players join and leave, more noticeably when leaving. Also when the match ends it freezes to the point of dashboard as well. My current game is frozen that’s why I had time to make this post.

Happened to me 5 times already today alone. This has been around since day one, how has it not been fixed yet?

Cause 343 either is incapable of fixing it or just don’t care. Or probably both.

Happens rarely for me except while playing customs and it’s not just me the whole lobby has to dashboard.