Here we go, a rant.

First of all how long has this game been out? November something? It’s February 3rd and my died hard, halo loving, gaming buddy still can’t find games quickly. This is embarrassing. You wonder why halo is low on the twitch views? Cause it sucks when such a famous serious title has troubles with the simplest of problems. Finding games, seperating friends after games, laggy glitchy servers, I could go on and on. Yes, it’s better than launch day… but right now since I’m sitting in the lobby waiting for a game and its been about 20 minutes since I saw a single person… I’m debating on dusting of my 360 and playing a real halo game… Halo 3. Fix simple problems like finding games. Don’t add things like new playlists just to corrupt the servers. Fix the little things. I am pleased when I can find games because the games like classic halo 2 on my old favorite maps just are the greatest. But it kills my mojo when my friends and I have to wait forever to find a game. It’s better single player to find games… But what’s halo without a gaming night with your buddies?! 343, please give the fans what we want. We have waited months to replay what we played when we were just little kids. If you see this, consider it a wake up call.

Rant over, sincerely,

Colin Olson, a die hard halo fan