Fix friendly fire for less betray

It’s too easy to betray you’re allies in this game. You can do it many times before the exclusion’s option is available. And even there, you just have to kill those wounded by the enemy, that won’t be considerate as a betray . You can even hurts your allies and wait the enemy to finish them. And if you’re very smart, you can push your allies in the void, it will be counted as a suicide.

So why people betray their allies ? The most often, it’s for the special weapons and vehicles. They’re few on the map and it’s always the race to get them first. Sometimes, it’s the flag carrier who gets betray, because players want score the flag themselves. Of course, there is the toxic players who betrayal allies for the fun.
As for crashes, they are most often involuntary, because barely a vehicle touches an ally that it loses all his shields !

So, the betray problem isn’t omnipresent in the game, but when it happens, it’s very annoying. Delete entirely the friendly fire would be too much, it’s an important part of the Halo gameplay. However, I think there are a lot of solutions for the betray problem :

  1. Instant death for a player who betray an ally

  2. Increase the reappearance time for each betrayal (+5seconds, +10seconds, +15seconds …)

  3. Reduce the score to -1 for each betrayal

  4. Propose the exclusion option sooner

  5. Prevent a betrayer to pick up a weapon/flag from his teammate

  6. Reduce friendly fire for the vehicles to avoid crash

  7. Remove friendly fire for melee attack (a player can’t hit an ally by accident)

  8. Reduce friendly fire when players lose their shield (ex : 100% damage against shields, 50% damage against life). A stray bullet that ends us is always annoying.

What do you think about that ?

I also make a betray compilation video to show how it’s easy to betray allies : ttps://


I didn’t think Infinite had friendly fire? Unless you’re referring to MCC?


Nothing is official about friendly fire in Infinite, I think they remove FF in the flight test for avoid betray problem and let players really focus on gameplay, but I would be very surprise if they really remove it for the game


I personally don’t think I would like friendly fire (FF) in quickplay or social modes, it just invites players who want a sick thrill to pummel their teammates. For competitive or ranked modes, though? I would have a much easier time understanding and appreciating its presence.

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Friendly fire accidentally killing a teammate isn’t a betrayal. Its called Collateral Damage. Maybe with the algorithms 343 could differentiate the difference between Betrayals and Collateral Damage if they actually wanted to invest the time into things that actually matter to players.

I don’t see how hard it is to make a system register that a player shot a teammate or melee’d them without any contact with enemies in a certain time frame and/or distance. If there are not any enemies around its a obvious betrayal. Likewise if you shoot a rocket across the map and it damages an enemy but kills a teammate that walked near the enemy, its collateral damage.


I’m agree and I hope they will do it for Infinite. Unfortunately, that don’t prevent a player to kill an ally who is wounded by the enemy. Just one bullet to finish the guy and pick his weapon, it’s too tempting


True, but its less likely to happen compared to betraying someone that just grabbed a power weapon someone else wanted. That seems to happen more often.

I really only see no friendly fire being legit in maybe a fiesta playlist where is is just chaos.

As far as I know, FF won’t be in social, but it will be turned on for competitive.

Did 343 said that or is it just a rumor ?

I suspect that most of these could negatively impact players who accidentaly betray their team mates.

My suggestion is implementing a better system to detect intentional friendly fire, as well as having the boot-option appear earlier. Altough, the option to boot should be a two part question, if you want to boot, and if you’re sure you want to, I’ve accidentally booted quite a lot of players when I didn’t mean to.

Additionally, instead of bans from playing, players who would qualify for bans should instead be matched together for a certain amount of games.

For player who accidentaly betray their teammates, sanction are a good way to educate them.
And a system who detect intentional FF could be a difficult thing to implement in the game I think

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FF was indeed possible via splattering in the last preview.

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But altering player capabilities which can alter later outcomes of the match is certainly not ideal.
Even if you accidentally kill an ally when the heat is on, you can potentially recover the situation as long as the game behaves as normal for you. Putting restrictions or penalties puts the betrayer in a worse situation and have an uphill battle to recover the situation.

Accidental betrays are not intentional, shit happen.
Not to mention, there’s a potential for griefing with penalties. Jumping infront of shots and so forth.

You can never get a perfect system done, but it’s entirely possible to make a good enough system to catch more than what’s caught today.


I understand you worry about my proposed sanctions, but this wouldn’t alter so much the outcome of the match. It’s would be better than authorize players to betray their ally.

And I’m totally agree, you can never get a perfect system done, but you can improve it

It most certainly could, and most likely will do.

1: If you kill a team mate by accident and is instantly killed as a punishment, you reduce your force on the map by two players at the same time. In an engagement, that’s a massive advantage for the enemy.

2: Increasing spawn time reduce your presence on the map, giving the enemy team an advantage, apart from the mistake where you took at least one team mate out.

3: You’re literally giving away points with this, this has an outcome of the match.

5: Preventing anyone from picking up valuable weapons can negatively impact the match for your team if no one of your team mates are around to pick it up. It’s there for the enemy.

6: Reducing friendly fire for vehicles opens up the possibility of the vehicle physics getting abused. Halo 2 had some vehicle physics abusing.


1: about instant kill for betray, I’m agree it’s too much, I was getting too far with this one

However, the betrays, accidental or not, don’t happen all the time, so my others prpositions won’t paralyse the game, they are appropriates and would really prevent player to betray teammate and educate other for errors

2: Increasing spawn time for 5 second for a betray won’t change the outcome of the game, it’s a reasonable sanction.

3: I was speaking about personnal score, not about the general score of the team, sorry if I wasn’t clear

5: Betray don’t happen all the time, 90% it’s for pick up a weapon/flag, so “prevent a betrayer to pick up a weapon/flag” won’t paralyse a team

6: I didn’t proposed to remove FF for vehicles entirely, but to reduce it a little. As it is now, barely a vehicle touches an ally that it loses all his shields

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Why would they fix FF?

I mean it isn’t halo if you don’t spawn infront of a sniper and get TKed at least once.