Fix Friend or Foe System

Why don’t we get rid of the outlines/highlights, no red v blue, but just have player names above their head in Red or Blue and call it day. This is basically how all other FPS games work, and past halo’s had this too, but just with red or blue. Just my thoughts on how to make everyone happy.

I like the idea of blue outlines on friendly players, and just red names when you look at an enemy. The whole red glowy lightbulb implementation is really distracting and defeats the purpose of getting rid of RvB in the first place, to show off armor coatings. You can’t see the fancy coatings they paid $20 for if the enemy is lit up like a christmas tree…

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Exactly. I get the purpose was so people can show off their fancy armor and it was to incentivizing players to buy these coating. But you’re right, after playing a few games, you can’t see them anyway. The game is so fast past who is stopping to admire each others armor and colors. Give me a break.

The outline thing does is let enemies see you from really far away and in the dark. Its not how an fps is supposed to be.

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