Fix Forge!!!

Please Fix forge or I am so -Yoinking!- done with this game. I’m sick and tired of this game saving over my maps that I work hard on. I’ve lost about 5 good maps because of the way this -Yoink- forge save system works. Bungie screwed it up, and i’m done with this game if this doesn’t get fixed. The rest of the game is fine compared.

Slow down, let’s talk a deep breath and calm down. I’ve never had a problem with anything in Forge saving over my stuff because I’m usually careful about how and where I save my maps. Are you sure that you aren’t having problems with the size of memory on your xbox? Or that someone on your end is saving things over your files?

no what happens is that when you are working on one map. and save it, then go to another, and save it saves over the one you were last on. It’s happened many times, especially if i don’t save as new map. I have a 120gb hard drive, and a 16gb jumpdrive.

Try posting in this thread
343i is known to look there for suggestions from the community

Sorry to go off like that, I woke up in a bad mood and that was the Icing on the Cake so to speak.