FIX FOR PC No more crappy fps pacing, stutter, or screen tearing!

Okay so I have had the darndest of time trying to get my 3080ti version of halo to look as good as my xbox series x. I kept trying everything and nothing seemed to work without something affecting the other.

I finally have found a solution, but just a slight disclaimer, the screen tearing may not work for amd users if you dont have v-sync or some type of sync for amd

IMPORTANT: All of these things are connected so dont just do one without the others first before just assuming you only need to fix one thing!!!

1ST - set your preset settings (low vs medium vs high vs ultra) to what fits the halo waypoint infinite spec sheet based off your hardware AND GPU RAM. (sorry im not allowed to share link for some reason) SET TEXTURE QUALITY TO LOW no matter what you are using including 3090. After you have gone through all these steps you can adjust accordingly.

turn off in game vsync option

after turning off vsync, set in game maximum framerate to unlimited frame rate (unlocked) with minimum off, uninstall hd/4k textures (to do this look up a tutorial or just go to steam and right click the game in steam and go to properties, then dlc), and lastly turn in game resolution scaler slider down to 70% (not to b confused with native resolution).

oh my gosh, this one was a pain that would not go away without turning on that horrible vsync stutter mess.
To do this make sure you have first done EVERYTHING I have said so far. Now, that pacing and stutter have been fixed, you can fix this final annoyance by quitting out of the game and opening nvidia control panel. In the control panel go to manage 3d settings > program settings (next to global) > click add if you cant find halo infinite > then once thats added scroll down to vsync and use this instead of that horrible in game v-sync. MAKE SURE you choose on and not adaptive as this will give you half baked results. click apply and exit out. Now go back in and now these issues hopefully have been finally fixed! You will at first notice lag or frame drops very rarely but this only happens maybe on your first match ( I havent noticed any since the first match, which leads me to believe its just the gpu/nvidia software trying to analyze the game to get optimal v-sync settings)

This one has been done to death on youtube, but my personal tastes are a mix of good graphics and optimizing pop in.

Set geometry and terrain to highest settings first, AS WELL as things I have already mentioned above ^^^ and go down from there. Set anti-ailising to high as we will be using sharpening to counteract the lowered 70% resolution. Set sharpening to 50% or according to tastes (60% seemed to cause dropped frames as well as ugly ailising (which defeats the purpose of AA)

I have the rest of most of my settings at low, medium or turned off (like dynamic wind for multiplayer). You really cant tell that much of a difference with a lot of these settings. Dont get caught up on 4k or “BUT I HAVE AN RTX, IT SHOULD BE ABLE TO PLAY IT.” Yes you do just like me, but remember that ultra doesnt always = vastly better. This was a hard pill for me to swallow.
If you are still experiencing bad fps there are a plethora of yt tutorials covering this.

I really hope this helps :slight_smile: I have not been enjoying pc until now. This is the first time I can play without some distracting screen tearing bs or stutter.

This isnt a perfect solution, but its the best one I’ve found so far.