FIX for No specilisations!!!

Attention to everyone who can NOT pick a new specilisation. I have a solution to the problem. It worked for me!

What you’ll need is a USB:

Put your USB into your console before you start Halo 4!

Start Halo 4 up to the main menu!

Press start as always and it will say select hardrive, select your consoles hard drive!

Then check if specilisations are there or not, if still not there, take your USB out while you are in the specilisation options.

This will ask you to select your hard drive again, select your consoles hard drive again and they SHOULD be there.

It worked for me and I hope it works for you people who’s ranks are stuck. Good Luck!

didn’t work for me… or meby i misunderstood the title, im SR 70 and im stuck with the 2 first specializations and i can’t see any other specializations, + i met the requirments for getting a code send for unlocking the rest, but my country isn’t listen for the codes…fak me right? aslong as they get their money…

Guess i gotta stay mad at 343 for pulling something -Yoink!- stupid like this. no level system and stuck on SR 70. how badly can they fk up halo, well they did a fantastic job … been stuck on 70 for around 2 weeks or more now. -Yoink- game might aswell go back to WoW were there’s actually a competitive side to the game…

I feel you RBR I was in the same boat as you but heres what I did. Most of my friends play Halo 4 and most of them received and email/xbl message with the code for the specializations. So if you know and trust a friend who has the specializations, whenever you end a specialization and are “stuck”, like you are now, recover your account on a friends xbox who has the specializations unlock…have him choose your next specialization on his xbox. Once that’s done sign back in onto your xbox and Voila! You can start leveling up again. Once you’ve ended the specialization, you do the same thing again.