There are many issues with the flood variant that are adressed in this post that need to be fixed! THANK YOU TO Armor-Plated Hank for the list!

  1. Forced Human Color The putrid green armor color that every human is forced to wear may not break Flood games, but they are hard as hell to look at. Leaving aside the issue of why anyone would choose that particular color, why force our skins in the first place? Did 343 never see a game of infection in the past Halos? Infection was one of the few gametypes to actually let players use their chosen armor colors. What has 343 gained by taking that away? There should be the option to allow players to use their chosen colors and the option to CHOOSE a color to be forced on the players

  2. Cannot Place Weapons on Map I honestly can’t fathom how this happened. Why in God’s name can’t we place weapons on the map? My only guess is that 343 was just to lazy to actually add the option to turn off weapon spawns to the custom game interface and just left it set to “off” behind the scenes. Sure, we can use ordinance to get around this. But that clutters the HUD with white markers, and in some games, it might be important for the humans to not know which weapons are where.

  3. Flood Cannot use Anything but the Energy Sword Once again, how did this happen? Its as if no one at 343 had ever played a custom game before. Limiting the Flood to the sword prevents most, if not all, of the minigames that were made in the past Halo games, as well as preventing any new minigames that might have been made with the new weapons and armor abilities. Not to mention that since the sword has a ridiculous lunge range, it might have been useful in many situations to equip the flood with gravity hammers instead. This absolutely crushes the versatility of Halo custom games.

  4. Alpha Zombie Traits Disappear upon Death Now I know 343 never played a custom game. Or at least not Fat Kid. Because that’s how I figured this one out - as soon as the humans killed the Fat Kid, he spawned as a regular, weak zombie, unable to do anything. The gametype was completely broken. And don’t think this is a problem for just one specific scenario. There are plenty of times when giving certain traits exclusively to the one or two Alpha Zombies is the difference between overwhelming humans or making the infected team too weak to do anything. Now, I’d actually suggest that instead of completely changing the Alpha Zombie traits back to the way they were, 343 should make this a changeable option in the menu. Alpha Zombie traits could disappear “Never,” “Upon Death,” “Upon Converting X Zombies,” or “After X Minutes.” But my God, at least allow us the first option.

  5. Flood Loadouts Cannot be Customized How can 343 be so arrogant as to think that their arbitrary choice of Flood loadouts will perfectly suit every single Flood game variant? Could they not think of a situation in which a player might want the Flood to have access to Promethean Vision but not the Boost Pack? What if someone wanted to give the Flood jetpacks? I don’t think any more needs to be said. 343 really shot custom games in the foot with this one.That’s all I’ve been able to find so far. Once again, please add anything that I’ve missed. And even if you don’t have anything constructive to say, please post to say that you think that the above problems need to be corrected. 343 won’t acknowledge these issues unless enough people are speaking out about them.

  6. Sprinting Cannot be ChangedObviously, speed is a crucial factor in Infection. The inability to tweak, enable, or disable sprinting for both humans and Flood will be a thorn in the side of many Forgers.

  7. Game does not End when the Flood or the Humans Run out of Lives

8 Cannot Remove the Waypoint for the Last Man Standing
There are a lot of Infection gametypes that rely on the humans’ ability to hide. Now, the Last Man in those gametypes has basically no chance.