Fix Falling Physics

I like the cat and mouse affect. I like the climbing with double tap A. I like the speed-up sprint. I love the thruster packs. I love how FAST the game is. I love how DIFFICULT recharge to shields is [what with no sprint/recharges], and even, to some degree, how weak the shields are.

But why, Jesus, WHY must it take SO LONG to fall? I mean, Spartans weigh like one tonne, right? Why do they fall with the slowness of a balloon? Jesus! Freaking dumb.

Which brings me to my second issue with the falling physics: the grenades. They are thrown like pebbles and bounce around as such. I can get behind the idea of a Spartan throwing 15 pound grenades with great force, but then why do they bounce so crazily? Why not explode on impact? Plus sticking people is a great pain in the -Yoink- as it is with the thrusters, the physics of the grenades make it nearly impossible.

-_- #uplayedHalobforebrah? ^^

I have, since Halo 1’s release date. My original post still stands. You like taking a full two-three seconds to hit the ground everytime? It takes away from the fluidity they’re attempting with this game.