Fix Dead Zones

I absolutely cannot play any Arena until this is addressed. Aiming in MCC felt WAY more precise and responsive thanks to it’s smaller dead zones, but why are they so big in this game? It doesn’t raise the skill ceiling, it just makes it more frustrating to aim. I know you can change these on the Elite controller, but I highly doubt anybody would drop $150 just to do that. I know I wouldn’t. I waited a bit to say something about this because I wanted to spend time and be sure that it was an issue for me.

I am not a bad Halo player by any means. Not the best, but I’m good. If I went back and played H2A MP, aiming would feel SO much better. In this, it feels delayed, and sluggish. I hope this is patched, because I REALLY want to play Arena, but I cannot until they either lower the DZ, or give the option to lower them.
Ah, well. At least Warzone is fun. :U