Fix Custom Games

'Nuff said. Like seriously I can’t even load the right gametype it’s so glitchy. I load up say Trash Compactor and the gametype Trash. Trash does not load up. So I try loading Slayer and bam that works! Then I try switching back to Trash and nope don’t want to budge. I start up that game. It’s Slayer. I leave and all my friends are on the Trash gametype. Like wtf, how is that even possible? This is really broken man

Alright so apparently it can load 343i game types no problem and only a select few of bookmarked game types. I just loaded Indiana Jones. Regardless it still doesn’t work

100% H5 server issues. If it’s acting up for you then you need to wait for them to resolve, @Brav has been posting server status info on Twitter. Why they don’t provide any info on Waypoint will forever puzzle me.

Been having this problem for days now. “Retrieving data”? Be careful because if you keep trying to load one then switching to try and load others, the gametype settings can overwrite each other. Pain in the…

I’m still having the same problem, OP.
I think i found a workaround for the time being. If you have this problem with bookmarked gametypes, find out which basic gametype it comes from (slayer, CTF, etc.) and select the 343i default one first. Once that is selected, try the bookmarked one again and it should switch.

friend the gametype creator. go to their ‘files’ instead of ‘bookmarks’ and press ‘y’ for file options for the gametype. ‘save as’ under the same name, and you’re good to go for loading the gametype every time.

Where is the Random weapons in parameter custom games for create Fiesta for example ?